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Chitou Youth Activity Cetner is located in the Xitou nature education area, situated next to university pond and in Fenghuang Mountain of Xitou Township, Nantou Country. It is 1170m above sea level with an average temperature of 16C. The area is surrounded by conifer forests, clouds and mists, creating an ever changing green and quiet environment. Longmen inn provide local cuisine for up to 400 people. No matter if you are here for family vacation or company training, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere while been immersead in the beautiful landscape.

This center uses wood and natural building materials, creating a style of its own. There are currently 80 guestrooms and chalets, able to hold up to 320 people.

The center has a great hall for event up to 200 people. There are two outdoor slate courtyards and two conference rooms that can each hold 30-60 people, suitable for small corporate or organization conferences or trainings, or may be used for karaoke in the evenings.

Center features

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The biggest enjoyment at Xitou is to bask in the phytoncide. The center is situated within a forest, and there are trees no matter where you go outside. Enjoy a relaxing holiday in this natural atmosphere away from the mundane, There are also self-guided trails introducing the local fauna and flora, highly suitable for group and family travel.

【Target groups】

This center, in accordance with the Youth Activity Center residential facility management and safety maintenance regulations, order no. 1030000094B promulgated by the Taiwan youth education department of the Ministry of Education, is established and managed on a non-profit basis, and provide lodging for the following groups of people:
1. Student with valid document of enrollment
2. Adults who are below forty years old.
3. Any individual who are attending activities held by government agencies, schools, NGOs in relation to public welfare, education, service and training, health or culture.。
4. Any staff or volunteer with the document of proof issued by the China Youth Corp
5. Teachers or relatives accompany individuals that meet the first two criteria, which shall not exceed four people.