Chceck In
Check Out

Notes when booking

1. Check-in: after 15:00; check-out: before 11:00 (group check-out before 10:00). Please enter the park before 21:00 on the day of the check-in and complete the registration procedures.
2. Extra beds: Only for firview village, 500NTD per person (includes duvet, sleeping mat, pillow and breakfast).
3. The center is located in the NTU nature education area, and the tickets for the entry and parking are not included. Ticket costs are determined by the nature education area. Announcement charges; where there are discounts for people of certain status, please show the appropriate identification to the ticket booth personnel at the education area, and the discount can be made accordingly.
4. Travelers staying at the center can drive to the center. Please do not drive in if you do not have accommodation.
5. In accordance with clause 32 of the Forest Act, no cooking or use of fire, candles, gas and electrical appliances are permitted in the nature education area and this center for safety reasons.
6. To prevent rabies, no pets are permitted in the nature education area (including this center).
7. Vehicle control are in effect in the nature education area, please enter the area during the following times:
AM08:00~PM15:30, use Xisha highway Shuwan entrance.
PM16:00~PM22:00, use the education area main entrance (first ticket booth).
PM15:30~ PM 16:00are shift change times, please enter the area before 15:30 or after 16:00.
8. Please pay one-third of the deposit within three days of booking, and call to confirm, or the center has the right to cancel the reservation; an additional charge of 100NTD shall be applied for cancellation fourteen days before the check-in date. The center shall draw up a check for the refund and send the the check by registered mail within two weeks.
9. If due to typhoon, earthquake or other force majeure (the announcement made of the local authorities where the Center is located shall prevail) on the day of check-in, the booking can be delayed or canceled unconditionally. The delay can be used once and for a maximum of three months. The room rates for the day of the actual check-in shall prevail.

10. Ratio of refund for cancellation by telephone: (according to regulations of the Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications)
★ No refund for cancellation on the day of check-in
★ 20% of the deposit refunded for cancellation the day before the check-in date.
★ 30% of the deposit refunded for cancellation 2-3 days before the check-in date.
★ 40% of the deposit refunded for cancellation 4-6 days before the check-in date.
★ 50% of the deposit refunded for cancellation 7-9 days before the check-in date.
★ 70% of the deposit refunded for cancellation 10-13 days before the check-in date.
★ 100% of the deposit refunded for cancellation 14 days (inclusive) before the check-in

Payment information


Account: Chitou Youth Activity Center
Bank: Taiwan Cooperative Bank Jhushan Branch;Code: 006
Account no.:0251717031728

【Postal remittance】

Account name: Chitou Youth Activity Center
Account no.:21465087

1. Please state the check-in date and name in the blank space on the remittance receipt, and fax it to (049) 261-2322, or call to provide the last four digits of the transfer account.
2. Please indicate the check-in/activity date, name and telephone number on the contact column on the giro deposit slip.